SpeedLine Launches Newly Renovated MDU Community

Indianapolis – August 13, 2008 - Speed Line Media, an Indianapolis, Indiana based provider of video, data, and voice services to the apartment industry announced today that it recently launched a large renovated apartment community with its portfolio of telecom services.


"We are very pleased to bring SpeedLine Media services to Spanish Oaks Apartments here in Indy," announced Josh Thackery, CEO of SpeedLine, a local competitor to Comcast and BrightHouse.  "We believe our expansive package of Dish Network services, programming and broadband services are perfectly tailored for this community's residents."


Spanish Oaks is an 800 + unit apartment community that is currently under renovation by Los Angeles based Urban Offerings, Inc.  The property is seeing a significant upgrade to its apartment homes and community amenities. 


"We selected SpeedLine Media for this property because of their ability to design a package that was specifically suited for our customers here," reported Tom Spencer, President of Meridian Management Company, a leading local property management firm in Indianapolis.  "Their ability to package their services and offer first-class service and support to both our residents and our staff made them an attractive option for Spanish Oaks."

Speed Line Media's program includes all of the services and offerings from Dish Network, a leading satellite provider with extensive sports, Spanish and HD digital programming available.  In addition, the company offers very fast broadband services as well as digital voice services.


Tom Spencer continued, "they also provide us with our own Community Channel which allows my staff to communicate with our residents in real-time about activities and news events at the property."


"We believe that SpeedLine will offer many apartment communities throughout Indianapolis a real alternative to the large monopoly cable companies in our area," stated Josh Thackery.  "Our plan is to grow locally while focusing our program on each individual community we serve."


For more information about SpeedLine Media, please visit www.speedlinemedia.com, or call Mr. Josh Thackery, CEO of SpeedLine at 317-865-2420.