High Speed Internet

Get Cable Modem Speed at Dial-up Prices
Our High-Speed Internet service uses the latest technology to deliver the speed today’s power users expect. Whether you need live video conferencing, high-adrenaline gaming, file sharing or surfing the net, we bring you the content you need fast.  

Surf at the Speed of Light
Our jaw-dropping cable modem blazes along at up to 10 Megs per second.  That is more than 7 times the speed of standard DSL and over 100 times the speed of 56k dial-up internet.  

Turn Your Home into a Wireless Hotspot!
Our service is fully compatible with all wireless routers, so you can easily turn your entire home into a wireless hotspot.   

Find Help When You Need It
Trained customer care agents are available whenever you have questions or a problem. Think of it as your own personal “help desk,” right at your fingertips, whenever you need them. Call us anytime for fast, friendly, knowledgeable answers to all your most perplexing technical questions.