Partnership Benefits

Profit sharing choices
All partners have the opportunity to participate in the profitability of the business. The owner's chosen level of profit participation is based upon the type of partnership created.

Customized programming and pricing options
Not all properties are created alike, each has different needs. SpeedLine will work with the owner to customize a package that's perfect for the profile of the community.

Digital and cable TV both offered
Research shows that 70% of all new pay TV customers are signing up for Digital TV services, so residents will appreciate the option of having both cable and digital TV available. No more patio dish installations!

Leading edge technologies
The latest and greatest from the world of high technology is available, including wireless internet systems, high definition TV, digital telephone and community web portal. All options are available through SpeedLine.

Guaranteed customer service
As the key element in the success of any venture, SpeedLine guarantees to meet customer service standards that are pre-approved by the owner.

Marketing expertise
The flexible nature of a SpeedLine partnership allows for designing marketing and incentive programs that are community-specific and proven to grow the business of the venture.

Ownership of hard assets 
SpeedLine offers its partners the option of owning the telecommunications distribution system and thereby controlling the destiny of the physical assets.

Dedicated property channels
Useful community channels specific to your property are available for community news and information, security monitoring, advertising and more.  A dedicated community web portal is also availalble.